Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What They Left Inside of You

Is that a lump?  A bruise?  I had bad dreams, dreams that someone was cutting me open, dreams that they took something that should be there or left something that shouldn't.  Oh god, it's moving . . .

What They Left Inside of You
Some are new organs intentionally installed, some foreign objects forgotten or left . . . as a message?  It seems to be a(n) :
  1. key
  2. egg
  3. clump of dirty rags
  4. Tactile map - you can read the bumps through your skin
  5. 100gp brooch
  6. tangle of hair
  7. Downy Pinkus - 1d4 inches long, you are able to cast spells as a wizard of that level
  8. Dwarvish Carbuncle - you can detect slopes and altitude flawlessly
  9. Sleestak Somatophore - you can detect minute gradients of heat now
  10. Single rune inscribed on a clay chip
  11. 1 stone lead weight
  12. Extra Heart - gives you an extra HD when you should be dead
  13. Extra Lung - You can hold your breath twice as long, not affected by fumes as much
  14. Extra Stomach - you can subsist on plants now
  15. Gizzard - you can subsist on gravel and rocks
  16. Extra Liver - immune to poisons and potions
  17. Extra Spleen - you can spit acid once a day
  18. small rodent that is moving under your skin
  19. bulb that grows into a rare drug plant
  20. tiny, iron, locked box
  21. brass sphere that plays a sweet melody when rolled
  22. tumor that will grow into an Unborn in a week
  23. vial of rare poison with a person's name on it
  24. tightly scrolled piece of tin with never-seen scriptures scratched in it
  25. voodoo doll (someone else)
  26. magic ring
  27. rusty knife blade
  28. slim tube of light, unknown metal (beacon?)
  29. pocket of grey liquid that sloshes as you move around
  30. your own organ thief, sneaks out at night and brings you back, then installs, one of 12-17


  1. heheh, nice hooks. I may have to steal some : )

  2. well those are suitably creepy... plenty of those are good story hooks too.

  3. heh I like it. I got a gizzard. I've always wanted one.

  4. Thank you all so much.

    @Tim: I actually thought of you as I wrote #9 :)

    @JB: Ha, yeah the post on organ thieves just seemed to naturally lead here. I guess my fairy-tale-1001-nights-inspired campaign also has a good dose of body horror.