Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dwarves' Gift

After the Elves gifted them, it became a joke to guess what the Dwarves might gift back.  They will build a fortress of obsidian where we will dwell like the dead.  They will craft us diamond coats that will prickle us when we dance.  But Dwarves are patient and love beautiful things so much that they spent lifetimes thinking on what the Elves might love.  When the Ambassador finally arrived all he had was seven tiny, jade leaves.  Cast on stone, these struck seven separate notes.  At this music the very mountains would shift, making paths for the Elves, who were chastened and pleased.  And it was these leaves that saved their families in the Battle of The-Dead-Like-Reeds.


  1. Very nice. Bit of a Lord Dunsany feel.

  2. I'll second that: very poetic!


  3. Thank you all very much.

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