Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Detective Dee

I've been off camping with friends.  Now I'm sitting in the heat itching from sunburn and mosquito bites but I got to watch a movie I thought was pretty cool:  Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.  Some D&Dable elements it has:
  • Facial transfigurations facilitated by pins stuck in pressure points
  • A poison activated in an interesting way
  • A pretty unique mace
  • An underground Bazaar/City made up of the remnants of an ancient city
And that's all spiced up with insane, wire-work fights, ninja assassinations, and deadly traps.  If you have a couple hours to kill, I'd recommend it.


  1. Pretty cool thing with the fire beetles, I may steal that!

  2. I just watched this last week. It's a pretty fun movie, although not quite the kung-fu Sherlock Holmes I expected.

  3. Via the magic of Netflix streaming I just watched it tonight. Neat flick. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. @DaveL: A Deadly Foe indeed. I think this movie has finally pushed me to think a list of poisons of varying type would be fun "toys" for players.

    @Paul: Yeah, It sort of wanted its "cake" of rationality and the "eat it too" of transfigurations and insane combat. I would have liked a little more Holmes myself, but dug enough of the weird stuff to overlook that. I just remembered the talking, shamanistic deer as another thing I might implement.

    @Peter: My pleasure, glad you liked it.