Saturday, December 17, 2011

Silhouettes XXXI

Saw a cool Brontosaurus with howdah here so I wanted one:

I was going to put a rider on a T-rex but realize I don't have any riders (other than the camel nomads) , I'll have to try and rectify that.  Another OD&D monster:

A dragon of the Asian persuasion:
A little feller for the halfling rogue lovers among you:
And this cobbled together, demure, young female is what I used as the middle of the age progression I posted yesterday:


  1. Like the Halfling Silhouette. Might have to 'borrow' it and tweak the feather, erm I mean remove it. = )


  2. That brontosaurus is all kinds of cool.

  3. Acch, I almost, almost cut the feather myself TB. I'll do it for the next zip.

    Thanks Trey, I'm going to see if I can make more.

  4. Nope, only bards. Kidding :) I was more concerned that it kind of cluttered the profile. I can put in a version of both. Might try filling the feather in, see what that looks like.