Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jensan's Generator

The Forging of Telemonster
If you haven't yet, go check out  I reluctantly offered some suggestions to Jensan to make the web tool more useful to me as a DM.  He implemented them better than I imagined.

If you visited before, you'll need to clear some cookies for it to work.  But clicking on a monster silhouette now brings up a box of possible monsters and a little text box which narrows the possibilities as you type.  It also allows for blanks in case there isn't a silhouette for your creature yet.

I offer a lot of ideas up on my blog, but this is something I think will actually be handy for me in DMing Wandering monsters in different dungeons.

The whole site is downloadable.  I'm guessing that it wouldn't be too hard to use whatever images you want to plug in, but better hear from Mr. Jensan about that.  Thanks, Sir!


  1. Acch, sorry about that. Apparently I don't know how to spell "cows".

  2. Thanks for the plug (again)! I'm thinking about a "Browse" thing for the next version. You know, click "Browse" and find a picture on your hard drive.
    And a "From URL" thing too (to read images from the net).
    And maybe a randomizer that makes a Google image search on everything monster related...perhaps!

  3. Freaking awesome!! Nicely done!! Thanks Jensan!!

  4. Fabulous program, just what I've been looking for!