Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Santicore

Santicore has come and left a shiny, free gift.  Go here.  The entries look nice & interesting.  Thanks to Jez and all the contributors.

If you already saw my post about goblin alchemical mishaps, know that the version in Secret Santicore is revised and expanded.  The chart of pre-made mishaps is now 40 entries.

For best results with my dice-drop chart, print two, cut out the inner circle and then secure it on top of the second with a paperclip.  Spin with each roll.  Otherwise you'll get overly similar results.


  1. Thanks heaps for all your extra help working on Santicore. Made a huge difference! Bewdy Jez

  2. My pleasure. Great job and i hope you get a chance to kick your feet back and relax for a bit.