Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A PocketMod Portfolio

Sick of these yet?  Hope not.  I realized old manila file folders are a great solution here because they are heavier than 32lb paper and slightly bigger than the letter size paper they are meant to hold.  So, if you've got an old file folder and a razor blade you can make a little portfolio and hold up to 4 pocketmods open to a certain page:

6 closed little booklets, or combinations of the two:
That's assuming you are using one page and the other page is taken up by an annotated map.  If you use both sides of the file folder double the number it will carry.

The cool thing is that the razor slits don't interfere with each other.  I'm not sure I would use this for wandering monsters, this is sort brainstorming what the tools are capable of rather than filling a need (what I started with).


  1. I'm completely in love with this idea - totally not sick of the pocketmods yet. :)

    I have PagePacker for Mac (which I downloaded after your original pocket mod post) and am working on building templates for NPCs, Items, etc. for my own mods.

    I've made some hand-stitched books for game before, rarely more than 8 pages thick and I think you could easily sew together pocket mods and make a thicker one if you need it. Hmm... might have to play with that and get back to you. :)

  2. Sick of pocketmods? What would one be sick of next? Silhouettes? London? Life?

  3. I AM sick of my life! But never pocketmods. :)

  4. I don't think I COULD get sick of PocketMods.

    @Frankie: Two PocketMods can be attached to each other by a piece or two of scotch tape.

    I've been looking into stab binding to hold them together, but I haven't tried it out yet.

    What I did find worked (for my Pocketmod adaptation of Stars Without Number which takes up a few dozen PocketMods) was to use one of those tiny composition books about 2x3 inches - pull out the inner pages, leaving the cover intact; take your PMs and stack them then clip them together with one of those little black/brass document clips; then run white glue or craft glue (I used a melted glue gun) along the inside center of the cover (might also run some glue along the edge of the PM stack where it'll fit into the cover); situate your PMs in the cover and let the whole thing dry/set.

    Of course, binding defeats one of the ideas of PocketMods, i.e. that they're disposable and replaceable, but it takes a lot of the wear off of being carried in a pocket.

    One idea I suddenly thought of - you know those magazine holders that allow putting magazines in a three-ring binder? Make a small copy of those for PocketMods - I think DayTimer makes little binders that PMs might fit into.

    I think about this stuff 'WAY too much. ;)

  5. Observe: a method to bind pocketmods into one book without damage!

  6. @3llense'g: suh-weeet! And that version of binding means you could replace any/all the PMs pretty much at will, which my version doesn't allow.

  7. Thank you, all, great comments. And thanks for the link 3llense'g.

  8. @3llense'g: You win! I'm totally going to use that! It would be nice to just have a little book of pocketmods with NPCs and whatnot that I can trade out each game - and keep closed so my players don't sneak any peeks.