Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sæthryth's Salve

That last post was kind of ranty and thin.  Here's my coin for joesky :
Sæthryth's Salve is a thick green paste that smells of mint and fish.  Applied to a freshly cut body part, even a head, it will keep that part alive and viable for up a week.  If the part is bound to a fresh wound within that week it will grow a healthy connection.
Let your players find a dish of this next to a severed, living head.  The head can talk in a quiet wheeze.  Where will the party find a body to keep this head alive?  Who does the head belong to that they would want to?  Where is its body?


  1. I dig it.

    Reminds me that When I ran my Great Library campaign years back, one of the PCs kept a "library" of preserved severed heads that he would Speak With Dead with.

  2. @Telecanter - I like it! This is definitely going in some game I run.

    @Welcome (can I call you Welcome?) - That is super creepy and I kind of love it. The only body parts my players seem to keep and tote around with them are the hands of demons, used to beef up their Intimidate checks. ;)

  3. ::deep sigh:: "and that is how I came to have the body of an orc..." ::she shakes her head:: "Why didn't they put me on the succubus?"

  4. "Where will the party find a body to keep this head alive?"

    That's simple enough. Flay a circle on one of their chests, and attach it.

    You didn't specify the location of the wound, after all.

    @Fictive: Hopefully it was at least a female orc.

  5. Well, you know... any... corpse... in a headless... situation...?

    I am reminded of Warhammer 40k ork serjeries where the Paindoc will fix you up right proper, but may not fix what was broke when you came in. Good thing orkses is hardy that way.

    With this salve, any race can share in that exciting experience!

    Anyone choose to speculate on which monsters contribute bodily fluids for the salve's creation? I mean, troll, that's easy. What else?

  6. How about slime from an Ochre Jelly, or harested Green Slime?

  7. Great comments, thanks.

    @C'nor: I was thinking the same thing, head on a dog's body, body covered in arms, etc.

  8. So, do you want to write up the Many-men, in that case?