Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Update

I'm posting this from a national park making it too difficult to make silhouettes or find artwork.  I should have posted a joesky last couple posts but I'm kind of tapped.  I even canceled a game session Friday and probably this Friday. I always feel guilty about that, for years I was desperate for a group to play with and now I've got one clamoring to play and I cancel.  But to prepare to the level I'm satisfied with feels kind of job-like right now.  It can wait.

I also need to prepare something for the SoCal MiniCon which I haven't yet.  Nervous about that.

I have been working on hexagonal geomorphs up here, though.  If all goes well I'm hoping to post more about that soon (still looking for a few svg files).  And I've read 5 books in the last week and a half which is nice, because when I'm back home I don't read anything that isn't on the computer screen.  Another of them seems worthy of posting about once I finish it.

 Okay, blah blah, how's this for a game idea:
man with a growing golden beard, kept in a cage to harvest it.
  Wish I could claim it as my own but it's from one of the colored fairy books.


  1. Even before I got to the last line, I was thinking, "Oh man, sounds like some effed up thing the Fae would do to some poor bastard."

    Sounds like you're having a great trip!

  2. Yep, its nice and cool and quiet up here and the other day I saw deer eating a stone's throw from where I was keeping up on all the OSR goodness. :)