Friday, July 24, 2009


So voting for the Ennies starts today. It's notable because Swords & Wizardry is up for a vote for best free product and Mythmere Games, along with several other OSR publishers, is eligible for best publisher. I wasn't even going to mention this, figuring if you found your way to my blog you probably already know this.

But I went and voted, and looking at the entries up for vote in the other categories I felt that weird way I do when I'm in a craft store. I'll be there buying paints for minatures or green felt for where the undead will spring from the villiage green, but to get it I have to push my way through plastic flowers and glitter buttons and plastic fru fru.

It is alien to me. The best cover art categories, for example, all look like bad comic book covers. The cartography seemed to focus on battlemaps. The categories themselves speak to different values; Regalia!? Where I come from that's what you prance around in when you earn a doctorate, are these little paper hats for your core books? Listen OSR, I NEED YOU! If you disappear, it will be just me again muttering off in a corner while everyone is optimizing their feats for five more years.

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