Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Casket of Suffering

If the holder of this tiny, sandalwood box is harmed, it will hold the pain of one blow, even though it be mortal, so that the holder does not feel it.  If someone opens the casket unsuspecting, the blow it holds will fall on them.  Sought after by assassins.

 (I'm still out here, folks. Hope you are well.)


  1. Oh hey, glad to see you back. Kind of petered out on RPG blogging myself, maybe some fresh inspiration will re-light the furnace.

  2. Long time no see. You were missed. :-)

  3. Thanks, all. Good to see you all. I missed you too.

  4. Christ, long long ago on the old blog I wrote about a magic item with a similar effect, but you managed to do it in basically _one_ paragraph - and _still_ better!

    (and welcome back!)

    1. Yeah, his ability to be concise yet clear leave me green with envy. Or maybe it's just a relapse of the troll pox again. :)

  5. Thank you both. And that means a lot coming from you, Jensan, with your years of concise whimsical ideas.