Monday, September 13, 2021

The Veil of Voices

The first trader said "In my youth there was song popular in the wine houses about such a veil.  The Lover laments being unable to express love to the Beloved because a Beautiful One in a haik, nodded and stole the Lover's voice."

"No," said the second trader.  "My grandfather wore the Veil of Voices, it was a ragged tagelmust that an old wise woman gave him. She told him when he wore it, two voices would whisper in his ear-- one beckoning him to treasure, the other warning of danger.  One voice would be a liar.  He would have to find out which.  He found out which, and only because of that did he survive the Great Plague."

"Perhaps, perhaps," said the third trader.  "But are you sure you are not mis-hearing Vale of Voices, for I heard once that, far west, near the Living Sea, there is a valley with strange, wind-carved stones and if you listen you can hear the voices of the dead speaking to you."

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