Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Curses for Mages

  1. Each syllable the scholar utters causes a hands-width of dark water to rise from under their feet.  This water fills an area as far as they can see and will only recede a turn after the last syllable spoken.
  2. Each new creature the scholar encounters must be documented in writing and they feel compelled to tell each new acquaintance about every creature on that list.
  3. The scholar feels compelled to make a list of actions to take in the next dangerous encounter and will abide by them when the time comes.
  4. If the scholar stops moving, anything they are touching, clothes, chairs, food, begin to get hotter and hotter until those things catch fire and burn.
  5. The scholar has acquired a great fear that they will read a forbidden book and, so, they read no books.
  6. The scholar will feel compelled to gather herbs for study and fill their pack full to overflowing, and be reluctant to discard a single herb, even to make room for food or gold.

1 comment:

  1. Number one has the potential for a flood of Biblical proportions when combined with a convenient mountain peak and some practice in the art of the filibuster.

    Number four suggests the victim will need some special sleeping arrangements, ranging from a bedroll in the back of a continuously moving wagon to some bizarre Rube Goldberg mechanism that keeps the scholar and their bed in motion while they rest. Perhaps an animated clockwork bed, or golem servitor carrying a comfy chair to doze in?