Monday, November 9, 2020

The Coward's Cage

Simon the Coward fell in love with a Guildmaster's niece but was told he could not court her unless he brought the Guildmaster three cave pearls.  Cave pearls only being found in infested catacombs, this was an impossible task.  But, smitten, Simon acquired all the silver and mithril wire he could and wove it into a crude half-dome of mesh and had it blessed by 3 different holy men.  It was crafted so he could carry it over him with a stick and he went in and out of the caves unmolested and found three cave pearls and courted the fair niece.

It's impossible to climb a ladder while under this cage, impossible to swim, barely manageable to traverse stairs, but while under it, no one will notice you exist unless you hurt them (provides Sanctuary). 


  1. I'm reminded of an umbrella in an old Mage the Acension campaign I played in that did basically the same thing. Obviously didn't have the same physical drawbacks, but it did produce a bunch of paradox if you used it outside of an appropriate setting. The game was set in 90s London (modern day, back then) so it was dandy on the streets about 90% of the time, especially in a crowd. Using it to stroll unnoticed through an embassy for some espionage work, not quite so much - wound up getting 'doxed but good on that escapade.

    Pretty sure the thing wound up getting left behind in a London Underground lost & found room when we had to ditch all our accumulated toys to escape some Technocracy agents who were using them to track us.

  2. Thanks for this. It's cool to hear the personal stories. Sanctuary is one of my favorite spells, maybe because it is like psychological invisibility. Work is hard right now, struggling to read blogs, much less post.

    1. Know the feeling. I'm getting close to petering out myself, the real world is pretty grim right now and it's sapping my creativity. Maybe I'll resort to recycling some of the ideas from my previous comments here and elsewhere - been meaning to lump everything together so I can find it more easily.

  3. I love this! Great backstory and a very useful - if not completely user friendly (like a magic ring) - magical effect.