Thursday, November 5, 2020


 So, twice now I've come to write a post for what I thought might be a cool, quirky idea only to realize, after searching my blog, that I'd already posted that same idea about nine years ago.  I've thrown out so many blue-sky ideas I forget some of them myself.  I kind of feel like revisiting some of them just because there may be newer gamers and DMs that weren't around for that exciting conversation in the blogs around 2011-2012.  On the other hand, if you are reading this, it's likely that you've been reading my blog and know those old posts.  

To be more specific, I was going to talk about the possibility of using Bingo as a way to level up the characters of kids or new players to teach them "good behaviors" in your campaign and to make it fun and self-driven.  But I made almost the same suggestion before.


  1. IIRC the various RPGs from Better Games (aka those other guys who published Space Gamer Magazine) used a system a bit like that. As your characters did stuff they got to check off accomplishments in several (five, I think) areas of experience like exploration, survival, etc. and when they've got each category filled they get a level-up. It's not quite bingo, but it's kind of close.

  2. Re-reading one's blog can be fun from time to time. I did a short compilation a while back ( about stuff on my own blog that I re-discovered since I had pretty much forgotten about them...

    Oh and I think I remember that bingo thing.

  3. Thanks to both of you. @Dick: I hadn't heard of that. Here is a post where I thought about achievement-based leveling, which might be related: I think I might still make that Bingo post; I have some experience with trying it in game since then and I have a few more ideas.

    @Jensan: I've thought of some kind of curation of my own stuff. I mean, I have the pages, but I have magic items and spells and monsters strewn all over the place, not easy for new readers to find and then take with them.

    1. Interesting, think I read that way back when myself.

      Re: curation, I try to be methodical about adding tags to post so they're a little easier to search, but you wind up needing to use a lot of categories over time to help readers sort through everything.