Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Golden Leash

It's said the first thing of note when entering the court of the Great Lich Ksawery was the many people bound to him by golden chains.  Some say that Ksawery drew the thin links from the chests of the victims through daily incantations, while others insist that each chain was an artifact stolen from an ancient tomb.  There is agreement on the function: each person so chained increased Ksawery's ability to store spells

(prisoners attached are treated as magic-user of level the same as their level or HD, with appropriate number of spell slots, now available for use by the imprisoner as if they were their own.) 


  1. I like that one quite a bit. Golden chains offer some potential for breaking them, or snarling up the lich in its own leashes, or maybe using them as a conduit to launch a magical attack through.

    In keeping with tradition, I've done a return post in a similar vein over here:


  2. Yeah what previous commentator said, very cool idea, it paints a very inspiring picture and gets one's imagination going (I'm thinking: how about each prisoner grants Ksawery one additional HD or something like that).

    1. Or maybe they replace his phylactery's "can't kill me" function, if you would kill the lich instead one of his leashed victims dies horribly as he sucks out their life force to keep going. Puts your party in a moral quandry if they're at all concerned about the people on the chains.

  3. Thanks to both of you, great ideas!