Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Baker's Quittance

The Baker's Quittance - A lead coin the size of an open palm.  If it is baked in a loaf with a name whispered over it, the person named will forever see the coin as solid gold.


  1. Thanks so much! I feel like I'm trying to get my blogging confidence back so it's nice to know someone finds something interesting.

  2. This game is fun.

    Never-Dry Bottle - Appears to be a perfectly normal bottle, usually empty except for a trace of wine. Which it was, before being touched by the god of the grape. Now, once from dusk to dusk you can pour just enough wine from it to fill a single container to the brim. This can be of any size, but the quality of the wine varies inversely with the quantity required. A tavern keeper filling a barrel will get some dreadful stuff, while a single wine glass would be the very best of the best. The bottle won't tolerate cheats - trying to fill a lake or canal with vinegary wine will get you a single spiteful drop, for example. Oddly, it does count a mouth as a "container" and will pour until the drinker stops swallowing, although the quality decreases the more you guzzle.

    Magical though it is, the bottle is no more durable than any wine bottle and ceases to function if broken - except perhaps as an improvised weapon in a bar fight. Sages believe there may always be a never-dry bottle in the world, but never more than one at a time.

    1. That's great, I can see potential for players scams, for interesting play as they figure out how exactly it works, and as a treasure a roleplayer might keep around just to takes sips of the finest vintage in the land.

    2. Good for desert crossings or getting stuck in a lifeboat and such too. You can fill a waterskin with it every night and get some middling-quality wine, which is way better than dying of thirst or drinking salt water.

      If it came up in my game I'd consider having any magical attempts to turn this wine to water backfire terribly, with the clerical teetotaler that tried it having everything he drinks turning to strong wine until he can rid himself of a divine curse.