Monday, September 28, 2020

I Know What You Did and I Follow

If the caster makes a mask of the face of someone slain, for as long as they wear it, they will know which direction to take to find the killer.

It's said that the cruel lich of the North, Two-Thumbs-Digging, mistakenly performed this ritual on someone they had killed themselves and spent their last days paranoid, confused, and traveling in circles.


  1. You've been on fire since you came back! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoop, missed this one. Great as always. Let's see, returning the serve:

    Ockmock's Eyepatch of Retrovisulaization - This leather eyepatch is made of human skin and bears arcane runes associated with death and time. If placed so that it covers an eye of a dead humanoid and then worn, the wearer will see the final moments of whatever that eye saw while its owner was still alive, with the vision lasting as long as the eyepatch was in place. The eyepatch is "left-handed" rather than adjustable (although a "right-handed" one might be crafted) and if the corpse's matching eye was missing or non-functional at the time of death no image will appear at all. Ergo, it doesn't work if the deceased was blinded in that eye from birth, or by torture, wounds, or disease. Each corpse can only be used on a given corpse's eye (or eye socket) once, and does not work on any creature that is or has been undead.

    Trying to view the past with the eyepatch is extremely disorienting if the user doesn't close their other eye(s) while doing so.

    Aside from obvious uses for crime-solving, the eyepatch is very handy for historical research. Dedicated sages have been known to leave the patch in place on a particularly promising corpse for years or even decades and then spend an equal amount of time viewing the past life and death of the subject, although this is usually something only elven scholars or other long-lived types would even consider.

  3. Dang it, that should be: "The eyepatch can only be used on a given corpse's eye (or eye socket) once..."

    Type in haste, repent at leisure.

    I have failed my brevity check again as well. Sigh.