Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Six Magic Treasures for the Roguish


Six Magic Treasures for the Roguish

1d6 magic items for rogues:

  1. Demurest Cap When seen by someone who knows the wearer by name, they appear to be wearing a coarse, lace veil. Anyone else will see the random face of another person.

  2. Aromatic Sash – This sash emits a strong smell of perfume when worn. Turned inside out, emits a strong smell of burning smoke.

  3. Rogue’s Wardrobe – A simple, hooded robe. Inside are four small pockets and one small brass ring sewn to a cord. If the ring is placed in these pockets, the wearer’s clothes under the robe will be changed, depending on the pocket, to those typical of a pilgrim, cleric, merchant, or lesser noble.

  4. Quick Slippers – The wearer of these simple slippers can move through crowds unimpeded, walking or running, the crowd will part as if not there.

  5. Portly Vest – The wearer appears jollily fat. If thin enough, they can use the fake belly to hide a pack or carried goods.

  6. Barber’s Bag – A linen bag of small, white ribbons. When tied in the hair, each will result in a different length and look of the hair.


  1. 7. Peppery Boots - While wearing these sturdy hiking boots you leave behind a dusting of strong pepper everywhere you go. A nuisance for housekeepers but the bane of anything that tracks by scent, although it does nothing to conceal or disguise your footprints themselves. You're less likely to be stalked by many wild animals, and you've always got access to a pinch of pepper for spicing up a bland meal.

  2. Great as well! I really like the folklore feel to these magic items that are only tangential to combat but offer players both tactical and roleplaying options. Thanks for sharing.