Tuesday, December 2, 2014

30 Magic Treasures

I've gone through my whole blog and created a list of the best treasures I've invented.  If anything seemed too powerful I left it out for a separate artifact chart.  If anything could be used up, I left that for a separate consumable chart.  These are all meant to be interesting for players to try and figure out and to provide more choices and options in their on-going adventures. While many of the items are mixed blessings (thus the choices required) I tried to leave out anything that would be considered a purely cursed item.  Five rings, four shields, three swords, and a bunch of miscellaneous magic.  I hope you find this useful.

30 Magic Treasures
  1. Amethyst Band – Prevents poisoning but contracts in doing so, amputating a finger.
  2. Anan’s Veil – A chunk of cloudy-grey crystal that obscures the presence of the holder but also obscures the world to the holder in a swirling grey mist. You are invisible but blind.
  3. Beautiful Cap – The wearer of this colorful cap will catch the eye of all creatures in viewing distance, pique their curiosity, and draw their gaze. Creatures that fail a save will follow along, watching the wearer.
  4. Bone Stylus – Write the name of your antagonist in your flesh and he will leave you be. Works similar to sanctuary against the named individual. Causes one hit point of damage for every letter inscribed in the bearer's flesh. Lasts until the damage is healed.
  5. Branwalather's Bridge – Actually a pair of heavy, lignum vitae chests. Carried, even one of these is heavy enough to slow and tire two strong men. Opened they appear mundane. If a person is shut up inside one, they exit the other.
  6. Bulwark – This large shield gains +1 to AC and 50 lbs each round of combat.
  7. Burdensome Blade – Each day the blade draws no blood it becomes heavier to bear.
  8. Clement’s Docent – This pair of crude, high, wooden clogs is sometimes known as the Beneficent Path. Uncomfortable and clattering loudly, they are remarkable in that they will lead the wearer's feet, gently pulling with each step. The path they take is the last journey made while worn.
  9. Friendsward – Useless in battle unless next to a fast friend, in which case it will block every blow that tries to harm them.
  10. Godith’s Gauge – Floating this ornately carved spoon on liquid will cause it to spin and point toward that which poses the greatest threat to its owner.
  11. Hat of Climbing – These hats, found in male and female forms, are long and ungainly, consisting of at least two yards of fabric. When the proper magic phrase is uttered they slowly stiffen to the strength and rigidity of steel. They can be climbed, used as a lever, pole, or even vault and will remain rigid until the magic phrase is uttered again.
  12. Iron Hammer – A hammer that will give you a bonus to hit equal to the penalty you take to your armor class. Want to hit your foe, let him hit you.
  13. Ivory Aegis – This shield is so slight it's actually a detriment in combat (-1 to AC) but will help guard the bearer against any charming magics (+4 to save).
  14. Knot Book Corliss Loop This book explains how to make a knot that will let a weight slowly and evenly down a vertical rope. Allows a person to descend without climbing or being lowered, and thus remain alert and ready. Good for invalids. (1d4 sessions to learn -1 for exceptional Int).
  15. Knot Book Hour HitchThis book explains how to make a knot that will cause this to release in one hour, also a half hour variant. (1d4 sessions to learn -1 for exceptional Int).
  16. Knot Book Songbird – This book explains how to make a knot that will release at a particular whistle note. (1d4 sessions to learn -1 for exceptional Int).
  17. Lover’s Charm – Two pieces: crude ceramic heart the size of an apple and a barbed, silver arrow as long as a thumb. As long as the arrow is stuck in living flesh, the heart will give off enough heat to make it uncomfortable to hold.
  18. Needle – This rapier never misses its mark but only leaves the tiniest mark (always hits, 1 hp dmg).
  19. Obsidian Blade – By cutting yourself with this razor-sharp rock you can heal someone as many points as you decide to bleed out. You will recover your hit points normally. You can bleed yourself as often as your health allows.
  20. Ranulph’s Runcible – A spoon ornately carved from a single piece of maple. When used to spoon liquid from a container, it will turn black if the liquid would be harmful to the imbiber. This black color will fade away in a day.
  21. Ring of Extrication – Taken off, it transports you to the place you put it on, but the ring stays behind.
  22. Ring of Redolence – Emits a constant air of fragrance. Each ring's scent will be unique to it, mint or lavender, for instance. The atmosphere around the wearer will be safe from noxious fumes such as the reek of ghasts or the stink of wizard clouds. But the fragrance will carry far, especially in enclosed spaces, and none who wear it come unannounced.
  23. Rings of the Joined – These bands only work in multiples. All wearers can share aspects of themselves among themselves. If, for example, 8 give up 1 foot of height, a ninth will become 8 feet taller.
  24. The Silent Horn – Blowing into it makes no noise. But every person told its magic phrase will hear it sound, deep and clear. Its signal has been used to win battles and in the assassination of seven sultans.
  25. Sister Sacks – Two grimy sacks woven of hair, one red, one black. Just large enough to hold a loaf of bread, put something in one and it appears in the other.
  26. St Colvin’s Key – St Colvin was a humble miner trapped in a cave in. He dug a hole in the ground in the shape of a cross. This cross slowly filled with water as from a spring and on lying in it Colvin was transported to safety. A hole of a specific shape dug with this spade will fill with water. A second hole dug in the same shape will fill with water and form a gate to the first.
  27. St's Buckler – Crude and wooden, this small shield offers no bonus to AC but a foe's critical hits are reflected back on them.
  28. Testudunculum – This bronze shield will block three successful missile hits on anyone in 20' every round.
  29. Thrall’s Torc – In combat you are much harder to hurt (+3 to AC), but the torc constricts each round you're engaged in violent activity. Half your constitution is the number of rounds you can fight before passing out completely.
  30. Wealward – A ring. One malady will but darken it, any more rebound on all in sight.


  1. Good job. I like #21. You have to leave it behind to get out of a jam.

  2. Thanks to both of you.

    @Darnizhaan: Yeah, I wasn't even thinking about it but I guess that kind of makes it a "consumable" one-use item. Though, I guess the party might scheme to go back and find the ring.

    I'm tempted to do another post just annotating each of these, like, I'm not sure how to adjudicate 10 (never used it in play) but I know from experience that 5 and 8 are great things to leave lying around in a dungeon.

  3. I am always a big fan of magic items with interesting mechanics and meaningful tradeoffs. Awesome list!

  4. I see a desert wasteland studded with growths of number 2. Hopefully my players will wander into it.