Friday, December 19, 2014

6 Solo Magical Treasures

These are aimed at the poor fool in the underworld alone:
  1. Choker of Isolde - Constricts slightly when someone is searching for you, eases again when they stop.
  2. Twine of Seeking - 30 feet of rough twine, hold one end, whisper a word, and it will slowly snake out and retrieve that thing- be it key, phylactery, or purse.
  3. Shadow Window - A rough piece of amber-tinted glass the size of a book.  Press it against a door and a shadow play of anything moving on the other side of the door will appear.
  4. White Mites - Pour out this sack of thousands of rice-sized, white mites and they will flee into the cracks of any lose stones nearby- trap, trigger, or secret door.
  5. Careful Boots - Click the heals and they leave no tracks, click them again and they leave tracks headed the way you came.
  6. Holy Chimes - Tiny, pewter, pilgrim badges dangling from string, they make no noise unless the undead are near.