Friday, November 28, 2014

7 Treasures

These treasures are aimed at parties of people moving through dangerous places.
  1. Golden Thread - A tiny ball of fine, golden thread.  If someone takes a piece and ties it around your finger, you will see a ghostly thread leading toward that person, wherever they may be.  Enough thread in the ball for d20 pieces
  2. Lover's Charm - This is two pieces: crude ceramic heart the size of an apple and a barbed, silver arrow as long as a thumb.  If the arrow is jabbed into living flesh, the heart will give off enough heat that it is uncomfortable to hold.
  3. King's Bread - Flat bread that is broken and eaten by parties for luck.  Lasts as long as everyone in the party is alive, or one day, whichever ends first.  All who ate receive bonuses to any luck rolls or saving throws.
  4. Sister Sacks - Two grimy burlap sacks just large enough to hold a loaf of bread.  Put something in one and it appears in the other.
  5. Five Simple Straws - A rag with five pieces of straw of five different sizes and a note that says: "Walk in the order of the straws you drew and no spiritual harm will come to you." (protects against magic that would take over a person on a failed save: siren songs, possession, etc.)
  6. Widow's Pebbles - A bag of seven tiny pebbles that glimmer will quartz and fool's gold.  Anyone who places a pebble in the toe of their boot can hear, distinctly, the footsteps of anyone else that has done the same.  These clicking footsteps are heard by no one else.
  7. Spider Twine - This silky soft cord is only long enough to wrap around the waists of five people shuffling along front- to-back.  But if this is done, all will be as quiet as the quietest among them.

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