Thursday, November 8, 2012

Silhouettes XLI

Silhouettes for your charts, maps, or handouts. These are all in the public domain, use them as you wish. Episode 41 is dedicated to richard of Dystopian Pokeverse who sent me this fabulous fop:
Another mounted knight.
This ettin has been 3/4 finished on my desktop forever. I was looking all over for appropriate heads. Not really satisfied with these but I think they are a good enough to put him out as a draft.
An eagle, possibly giant and looking for hobbits.
A devilfish.
A flea (yeah, I know these are obvious, I kinda want to label them so folks searching can find them with a search engine).
Burro numero uno
y dos, 'cause you never have enough of the little devils.
The dreaded llama.
And a long haired goat which has also been on my desktop for months.  I used its head for my chimera and the long hair was so daunting to finish I just never did, but I eventually managed to force myself to get over my perfectionism and just get it done.

These and the three images from my last post have been added to the zip file linked to the right.  They were added as svgs.  I will slowly convert the rest of the archive over time.  Also, I want to make some non-image based posts but work has picked up again-- maybe this weekend.


  1. I couldn't help but find it a bit fun that you said you are labeling the silhouettes to help people find them with search engines. And then proceeded to label the mules so they most likely wouldn't be found in a search :)

  2. Telecanter, have I ever told you how much I like these? I have? Well I'm tell'n ya again. I'm actually using a couple in the next issue of the manor.

  3. @rubberduck: Haha, yeah I was getting a little sidetracked amusing myself. But . . . those are burros! They are little donkey mutts, not mules.

    @Tim: You have and I always appreciate it. There is a little voice in my head that keeps telling me these image posts have little to do with D&D even though I know that the more silhouettes I assemble the more possible utility they'll have, and even though the vision I have of a visual dungeon with monsters indicated by icons I still haven't been able to make a reality.

  4. Donkey mutts, perfect.

    Is it just me or do silhouettes(a word I still don't spell correctly first time) make critters look more fearsome. They let the imagination fill in, my imagination is mostly about characters getting skewered on goat horns or trampled by llamas. So, just me, eh?

    I'm pretty sure I overheard that the Snipherback Dwarves train and hire out those long-haired attack goats.

  5. Yeah, they are a little sinister I guess with no eyes or features. Shadow-like. And yes, even now, I constantly misspell that word. I wish when we imported words to English we converted them to our own spelling: sillowet.

  6. These are great, are they available for use as Public Domain? I'd like to use some in a tabletop rpg tool I'm helping develop.