Sunday, October 30, 2011

Symptoms & Side Effects II

Follow up from here.  I've given mechanical effects to symptoms that could come from diseases, drugs, or just magical traps.  These are temporary physical effects mostly.  Mental afflictions will need their own separate madnesses chart.  Here is the pdf.

I realized that in a campaign world where disease matters, where it can spread and kill people, visible symptoms will have serious in-game effects.  Rashes, pustules, or skin coloration might prevent you from shopping, or even entering town depending on the context.  I suppose that means that neither this nor the disease chart I've been working on are truly "one-pagers" because they are dependent on each other.  The more deadly the pox causing disease is in your campaign the more npcs will freak out when they see Joe fighter has them.

I think another big effect is interfering with spell casting.  I put "miscast" in the chart to make things more interesting I might interpret that as:
  1. Wrong memorized spell cast
  2. Wrong target
  3. Too weak, half power
  4. Too strong double effects
 I suppose you could make all those symptoms interfere with prayers and petitions too.  Hard, with a blasting headache, to pray for anything but relief.

The specific number mentioned for seizures is taken from Zak's lucky numbers-- player chooses a number, say 9, any time they roll it they have a seizure, whether its from trying to hit in combat or trying to save from something else.  Though, maybe it should be a number from 1-6 to include more possible rolls, like listening at doors etc.

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  1. visible pustules might prevent you from shopping, or even entering town

    ahem. "Burn the witches! Burn the taint out of them!"
    "He has been touched by the Leprous God! Daub your doors with goat blood and strew the ground with sage to draw the spirit away!"
    " infected with the Swooning Sickness, you say? Detain him - from his pus we shall make the Potion of Unending Sleep."