Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Serendipity XI

These posts are about the weird, cool, or beautiful images I find when I'm looking for a completely different weird, cool, or beautiful image.  So, they aren't necessarily going to be useful in a game.  But they don't take long to save, clean up, and share.  And they're in the public domain, which means they're yours, so I figure it would be a shame not to share them every now and then.

A rendition of the, now, classic mushroom forest:
1d6 fez-wearing hirelings:

uhh . . . a friendly ghoul?
This one is crying out for t-shirtization:

Finally, some little stuff maybe useful for decorations in text:

Update: Ha, that gave me a laugh I needed fictivefantasies, so here is your new friend in yoga pants:


  1. "Erm, yes, I will...be your friend. If you put some pants on. Weirdo."

  2. Gonna invent the Frying Butter spell to get some mushrooms to eat. What level would that spell be?

  3. Nice finds! I like the mushroom forest, reminds me of Azura's Coast in Morrowind.

  4. @Marcus: heck, why not first level but sentient shrooms get a save.

    @Jensan: Thanks, I thought to check Jules Verne and H.G.Wells for some fantastic pics. Unfortunately not as many illustrations as fairy tales but the search did yield the mushrooms.

  5. Wow. Loving the styling pants. It's casual, so it puts the "yo" back in "Gaa! Pants!"