Sunday, October 9, 2011

One-Pagers for Phone

I've come to realize my phone is quite handy on game nights.  If I forget something I have pretty much everything I've made on my blog somewhere.  I've also put some pdfs directly on myphone for expediency's sake-- no need to search the blog.
The new pdfs upper left, then a draft.  Hard-to-read chart example lower left.
But the problem with those pdfs is that, at that tiny size, my charts tend to all look alike.  So I used my silhouettes and blew them up so you can easily see what each chart is about.  I also added in the "The Potion/Ring is Actually . . ." as a third page.  That way my base and possible weird variants is right where I need them.

The only hiccup I had was learning how to create my own page style to switch from portrait to landscape to portrait again.  Otherwise, you should be able to customize the one pagers to your heart's content and do this for yourself.

Here is my phone pdf for Potions and for Rings.  This makes me think, what would a chart of "The Drug is Actually . . ." look like?  Better get on that.


  1. It is neat to see useful resources formatted to be even more useful!

    Before you know it, we'll have to format things for our neural jacks...

  2. Thanks. I think when we get the neural jacks we won't need charts because we'll be jacked into the world together. :)

  3. Interesting. I played with generating Kindle formated PDF's from LaTeX a while ago, but couldn't get hyperlinks (or dictionary lookups) working.

  4. Cool. I don't have a kindle. Does it use a proprietary file type?

  5. The latest Kindle natively support mobi pdf and txt files. Books from the Amazon Kindle store are azw files (DRM-wrapped mobi).

    I'll probably finish with a workflow of LaTeX to html to mobi. Existing conversion tools do an OK job.

    I think I started down the Kindle path before iBooks had support for adding your own PDF's. Maybe I need to look at that again....