Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 13

Back from camping with a few more ideas for sandbox or geographic wonders.  This get's us to 100 but I won't stop here because some of the earlier entries were pretty weak and I want replacements.

96. Ghost Creek - The loud sound of water flowing in a creek is heard here, but no water.  Containers left out overnight will fill slowly.  Drinking the water in them will allow a person to rest without sleeping - like an elf- for a week.
97. Honeyed Cliffs - Tall cliffs so covered in wild beehives that honey drips down along the length of them.  This honey is said to preserve things indefinitely and locals place the bodies of revered dead all along the bottom of the cliffs.
98. Root Cavern - A vast cavern with roots in place of stalagmites and stalactites.  They drip thick sap which will trap the unwary.  If thinned with alcohol and drunk, it is said to make the skin bark-hard for a day.
99. Stalking Creek - Travellers through dry hills will sometimes encounter a creek that they cannot shake.  Hiking directly away from it reveals that it curves around the hill you just hiked over.  Once the creek is seen parties lose their sense of direction and will remain lost.  It is said hiking up the creek will reveal the last party lost to the creek around the source and free travellers from its hold.
100. The Barrens - Huge swath of forest that appears devastated by a recent fire.  Walking into it will drain strength from a person (drain 1 hp per turn of hiking) while revitalizing the small area around their path.


  1. Thank you. Thank you thank you. I hope your trip to The Nature went well.

  2. My pleasure. It was fun. My friends like to camp in a spot in the National Forest that is used by dirt bikes, so it wasn't exactly peaceful, but still fun.

  3. I love the idea of a stalking creek! Absolutely fantastic. Would really confuse an adventuring party...

  4. Thanks. I was a bit worried about that one and the Barrens after posting because I think they are more hazards than wonders. I'd forgotten I was shooting for things players would actively want to visit. But there might be room for a few more dangerous ones in the list.