Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Public Domain Gear Images

Here are some public domain images of adventuring gear or adventuring equipment that you might find useful for handouts:


and a Mallet:

Grapnels or grappling hooks:

Torches, candles and a lantern:
and two possible oil containers:


a 10' pole:

Crowbar or prybar:

and backpacks or rucksacks:

That should cover most basic, traditional D&D dungeon gear I'd think.  I left out weapons and armor to keep it simpler but can try to post some later if people want.  If there is other piece of gear you might need, let me know, I might be able to scrounge something up.  If you would like these in the same card format as I posted previously, let me know and I'll work on that.

Also, these are not my target quality, I would prefer higher resolution images with a consistent style, but this is what I've managed to find in the public domain in the last five years or so.  I hope you can use them to make some cool stuff.


  1. Bag of flour: the tool that separates the old-school munchkin from the old-school traditionalist.

  2. Thanks I appreciate your work on this. Some other stuff includes mirrors for those gaze attack monsters, herbs like belladonna and wolfsbane, tinderbox, rations, caltrops, thieves tools, scroll cases, spell books. I'm sure there is more. Not saying you have to look for all this stuff, I'm just brainstorming.

  3. Yes, these are tremendously helpful. I can imagine a mini game or card game based on this set of year plus weapons and armor.

    Yes, I want the weapons and armor! Please!

    Do you draw these or find them?

  4. Thanks a bunch everyone, I'm happy to share stuff people might find useful.

    @Roger: Hmm, that might actually be quite hard, to find a line drawing of a sack of flour, but I'll look.

    @Darnizhaan: I've got caltrops, and something that can pass for spell books. I never knew as a kid what tbelladonna and wolfsbane were for in the 1e phb. I though ti might have something to do with vampires and werewolves. Now I realize they are just poisons, did people use them to try and poison monsters?

    @Scott: I wish I could draw them, that would probably be easier. I look on through old, public domain books. Often I will edit the image to suit my needs. I'll aim towards weapons and armor. Though I'll warn you I only have a few scraps of armor.