Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 12

91. Dark Ice Caves - The ice these caves are found in is a dark, purplish hue.  It melts to water of the same color.  This water freezes in darkness regardless of temperature.  Treasured by desert castellans.
92. The Great Stillwater - This lake in the center of a northern bog is deathly still.  In fact no ripples move on the water when it is disturbed.  If some of this is poured in another body, that water will still for an hour.
93. Ghost Road - Parties traveling on this ancient road see no one behind them and a party far in front of them that looks identical to theirs.  All parties see this.  Two parties traveling at the same time will not see each other until close enough to be mingling horses.
94. The Old Teeth - A line of obsidian plugs jutting from a rocky landscape.  Fires set next to them produce no smoke, as if the plugs breathe it all in.
95. The Round Pools - A flat, stone plain dotted with small, circular pools.  The fresh water never dries up and bathing in one will speed healing of small wounds.  Bathing in several in the proper intervals will heal completely and even restore limbs.


  1. I've been looking for a good list of weird and special outdoors encounters. Once you hit 100, if you don't mind I'd like to add this to the haphazard program I made for DMing and use it for some random encounters in the wilderness.

  2. Absolutely, do it. One thing I've been thinking about is maybe a big mixed list isn't the way to go, because DM's will want to pick things that match the terrain, desert wonders in the desert etc. But if you tagged them all, a program could solve that problem. For me, I can only think of splitting it into separate lists which would require coming up with more of some of them (not a lot of wetlands wonders, for instance).

    1. Yeah, I just went with the lazier approach of just putting them all in one table. If it didn't fit the terrain, I would probably re-roll it, make it part of the weirdness that the encounter is out of the ordinary, or modify the encounter a little to tie it to the terrain. If I get the time, I may add in some buttons to roll for specific terrain.

  3. Mana Cove - Hidden cove when the tides are in, it grants mana to those in the area. When tides roll out, it feeds from those who work with the arcane arts.

    Mana goes in, mana goes out. You can't explain that.

  4. These just keep getting better. Bravo.

  5. Sorry for the late response, I was off house sitting.

    @Michael: that's the idea, a site with a system that can be figured out and also useful to players. If I were to revise it a bit I'd try to make it visually wondrous in some way, so it doesn't look like every other cove, also spell slots might be the way to to magic gain loss in old school games.

    @ScrivenerB, thank you!