Monday, July 22, 2013

Silhouettes LV - Village

I've been looking forever for an icon to use for villages on a campaign map.  I think I found something that will work.  I'll give you the original pics too because they may be of use in their own right:
The hut unfortunately has a shadow of the reverse page.  Here are the same two images in grayscale:

Here they are as single silhouettes:
The Church:
A hut:
And here I've put them together in two ways:
Village A:
Village B:
So, could those work for you?  Which do you prefer?  They could also both be flipped horizontally.  Let me know.  These images are all in the public domain, use them as you wish.  I've included vector graphics of the silhouettes in the zip file linked in the sidebar to the right.


  1. I like Village A better, maybe because the buildings facing each other reinforce the sense of community or something like that.

    Also I like the original pictures, the ones you posted and the rest from the source book. Some of them could also come in handy like the mill or the bridge.

  2. I also like the first village more.

  3. I like A better as well. It definetly says village to me.

  4. Thanks a bunch, folks. Village A it is.

    And thanks Jose, I often get very single-minded in my searching and would have missed the nice wagon and windmill if you hadn't sent me back.