Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Milestones Update

Yeah, it isn't working.  I should have known myself better-- that a strict deadline would just stress me out and shut me down.  I just thought that it would be nice to celebrate the ~4 years of the OSR I've had symbolically.  I don't have a lot of ritual in my life and it seems I'm worse off because of it.  But as my friend said "Why does it have to be the 1000th post?" to which my answer was "I don't know.  It's a big round number."

But by tying the timeline to # of posts it made me avoid posting which I love to do.  Also posting is what fuels the ideas of what could go into my booklet, usually in unexpected ways.  So, cutting off posting cut off my main avenue of working out ideas.

Anyway, I'll still put out a celebratory booklet.  But I'm no longer holding myself to the 1000th post.  You'll have it when it's done.  And with that, I will resume posting and conversing with you all.


  1. Remember my friend this is a hobby not a job. The idea of course is to enjoy blogging my friend. Congrats upon reaching four year mark.

  2. Hey, thanks a lot. Yeah, that's what I want to do enjoy these posts. It often feels like a second job, though, as many hours as I put into trying to find images. But I'm happy to feel like I'm contributing to a community.