Thursday, June 6, 2013

Silhouettes LI

Here are more public domain silhouettes for your maps, charts, and counters.  These are just more animals, as I think more about wilderness maps and charts.

First, a fox:

A reindeer, aka caribou:
A doe, a deer, a female deer:
An ibex:
A dolphin:
A raccoon:

A tapir:

And an Agouti:
These have all been added as vector graphics to the zip file linked in my sidebar to the right.


  1. Hey Telecanter, think you could do a few amazons/lady adventurers/that sort of thing?

  2. I'd love to. I'm essentially tracing these, though, not creating the art myself so it's dependent on what I find. And it's really hard to find certain stuff pre-1930s.

    I made a big push a couple years ago, trawling through all the Joan or Arc books I could find and other places, but all I ever found was the first image in this post:

    It was actually from a book about costumes for Broadway, I think. I do have a savage/cavewoman figure I'm working on but other than that I need to find more.

    If anyone reading this knows of possibilities please let me know.