Friday, May 24, 2013

More Monster Making

I was hoping to do the room stuffing thing with my friends tonight, but I don't think I'm really prepared for it yet.  I did sit down and make this monster chart:
It's a roll-all-the-dice giving you the basic nuts and bolts of a monster.  I haven't even rolled on it yet, it might be entirely unusable.  But it was one of those things where I needed to make what I saw in my head so I could try it out.

I have used my dice drop chart a few times and haven't been that happy with the results.  I might try printing a bunch of the possibilities on business card-sized slip and draw from them like a deck.

Another idea is to prompt players with categories like "body horror" or "fairy tale."  Or maybe just with tones like "goofy" or "creepy."  I suppose those could be another roll, another draw, or, if you're being game-like anyway, rotate through them.  In other words, the first player has to come up with an explanation of their roll as something body horror related, the next fairy tale-esque, etc.  I suppose that's all assuming the stats and special abilities don't give an idea of what the monster is all about anyway.  Okay, I'm off to see about making the cards.  Have a great Friday night.

Update: 6:28: Acch, just realized the AC doesn't really make sense. I think I was mushing ascending and descending together in my head.  I think it can be an easy fix though, by switching the Size and AC columns.  That would give more size points also.


  1. Cool. Is number of attacks attached to hd?

  2. I would consider them a special ability. But they are kind of weird-- it makes a monster quite a bit more dangerous, but they are still one target for spells and items.