Monday, February 11, 2013


Saw these while work was busy and wanted to share them now.  These necklaces of human teeth remind me of the fingerbone necklace, though it would be easier to make one of these:
This spotted lake is an example of how the real world is odder and more fantastic than most of my imagined landscapes:
Finally, this opalised theropod tooth is an example of how, whatever treasure item table I come up with it will probably never generate crazy cool things like this:
I can't find the link to the post on TYWKIWDBI, but I swear I saw it there. 


  1. Nevermind gaming, I would like a necklace of human teeth for reelz!

  2. Just don't wear it to interviews ;)

  3. I clicked the link, and just on the first page I saw posts about medieval "sin eaters" who would eat the food of the dead to absolve them of sins, a post about giant horse sculptures carved out of snow, and a post about a saint who was skinned alive. This has to be the best source of D&D inspiration I've ever seen.

    I hope my players don't know about that blog, because I plan to steal shamelessly from it from now on. Thanks!

  4. My pleasure. He finds a lot of interesting things.

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  6. I think you probably saw the tooth at Neatorama -

    But thank you for hallucinating about TYWKIWDBI.



    p.s. - I never lived long enough to get higher than about a level 5 paladin on D&D.

  7. A visit from the man himself! Sorry bout the mix up. Love your blog.