Thursday, January 17, 2013

Serendipity XXI

I spent many hours the last few days looking for good images to make into silhouettes, no luck.  But I did find these pics.  These are all public domain, use them or lose them.
Got a game running in a WWI setting, here's a schematic of an armored car,
a couple submarines,
and this photo of an even bigger armored car.
I saw this on OBI Scrabbook blog.  Its dual entrances seem full of possibilities.

I don't know what fusee arrows are.  Flares?
Various scaling ladders.
Britons in Coracles.

And a few images that could be of a medieval city.

p.s.  This has nothing to do with gaming, but I have to share.  I found out yesterday that two outside consultants have been hired to visit and evaluate my workplace.  My boss is freaked, but this is so absurd in the current context of where I work, that I wasn't stressed-- I laughed out loud and said something about Initech.  I forgot to ask if they were named Bob.  Oh well, don't worry about me, I'm a people person.