Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This is the hardest time of the year for my job.  That and getting robbed this summer just sucked all the wind out of my creative sails.  But I miss creating stuff and conversing on the blog.  I was wondering if you have something you'd find interesting for me to blog about or create.  Not a big project, just blog post length.  Bonus points if it is related to something I've already blogged about.  Hit me up in the comments and I'll do my best.


  1. More mini-games!

    Also, condolences.

  2. Quick barter-based equipment list, with an easy way to randomize values.

  3. This and this are the sorts of posts I've always liked a lot and wished you'd do more of. Bite-sized chunks of flavour. Say, alternative demihuman cultures, or unusual trade goods, or animals for purchase, or anything else that I can just steal and seed directly into a campaign.

  4. Puplic domain pictures? I really love them. There's almost always some minutiae in them, that's great food for some strange campaign content. Maybe that's the way to go...
    Oh, and the call for Secret Santicore 2012 just got out, as you probably know...

  5. Your minigames are amazing. Do something there.

  6. I liked the one-page potion, wand, ring. You could do more of the classic magic item categories in your 20 items to a page scheme.

  7. I was going to mention Santicore. Someone just brought up "how to make meaningful optional differences between the various gygaxian polearms" and it made me think that rethinking some items of basic equipment could be interesting. Like what alternatives are there to armour, backpacks, torches?

  8. Something to do with underwater adventuring?

    richard's idea sounds cool, too.

  9. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Just seeing them during work yesterday gave me a boost.

    @C: Ah, I could at least compile those into a document. Also never did one for Desert, though there were some interesting suggestions in the comments. And maybe even some mini games not dealing with travel. Thanks.

    @R: I'm not sure I understand, like player gear- rope, torches, spikes, but the prices fluctuate? You gave me an idea for something that I think might be helpful in several ways, though-- a page of 20 trade goods a DM could have being traded around a world.

    @John: Thanks. Maybe a base of 20 boring trade goods and then 20 of the weirdest trade goods I can think of is a place I can start. I'm already thinking of ideas (stuff that will melt, gases, etc).

    @rorschachhamster: Cool, I can do that. I've got a few on my desktop I'll try to post tomorrow. Yep, I already asked Santicore for my gift. It wasn't anything great but I'm excited to see what I'm asked to create.

    @Steamtunnel: Thanks a bunch. I wonder if anyone has tried them out at the table yet. I haven't. Desert is a good place to start, then maybe there are typical fantasy landscapes that could use one (like permanent mists ec.)

    @heyjames4: And you helped a ton with those. I'll look back at them. I'm thinking the miscellaneous weapons might be a place to start or maybe just all the non-just-a-bonus swords. Doing those charts teaches me a lot about the game.

    @watergoesred: Anything in particular you'd be most interested in?

    @richard: Oh, Zak's article about detail? Hmm, I'll think about it.

    @Anon: I wonder if underwater adventuring is any different if you are equipped to breathe? Hmm, that seem worthy of a post exploring the idea. What about currents, water temperature, visibility. Thanks.

  10. @Telecanter - when people make "Barter lists" I find that they just sub in "sheep" for "gold pieces" and then everything gets converted to sheep and you're no longer bartering, you've just created a new currency.

    A list of player gear with a way to randomize what item a torch straight-up trades for. Maybe day one torches = 2 buckler shields, but then on the next day torches = 1 coil of rope.

    The reason I'd include this is it relieves the DM of the hassle of double-checking to make sure there's no way to go "infinite" trading up and down the equipment list, because the values and availability changes regularly.

  11. I've really enjoyed your series on traveling.

    I also think your monster masher was really interesting. On my blog, for the Old School Hack family of games, I made a list of 100 monster "talents" so you could randomize some and build a beast, so to speak.

    How would you handle a "build a beast" system for animals? I'm looking to do something like that for a more low-fantasy setting, and I'd be interested to see how you'd do that for your home system to see what that could suggest for mine.

    Like in "Avatar: the Last Airbender" they have turtleducks, platypus bears, eel hounds, etc. How would you build a random animal builder?

    1. Hey, can you give me a link to what you did with monsters I tried searching but didn't find it.

  12. Hey, thanks, R and Andrew. I started compiling my Travel mini games into a single document, so that's on its way. I'll make a post about bartering gear and animal mash-ups soon.