Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Five Shields

It gains +1 to AC and 50 lbs each round of combat.

St's Buckler
Crude and wooden, it offers no bonus to AC but a foe's critical hits are reflected back on them.

Three successful missile hits each round on anyone in 20' will be neutralized by this shield.

Beautiful Shield
All foes involved in hostilities will direct their attacks on its bearer.

Ivory Aegis
So fragile it is actually a detriment in combat (-1 to AC) but will help guard the bearer against any charming magics (+4 to save).


  1. Sweet. If I was playing more D&D I'd probably steal these without changing them, but since I'm running a modern fantasy game I might still borrow the effects of these shields.

  2. Does Bulwark revert to a normal weight after the encounter?

  3. I'd probably have it step back down in weight each round after a battle, so a player might have to weight around a bit to move one.

    But the idea that it would remain heavy forever for that particular warrior is intriguing. I might up the AC bonus for that type of shield, usable once in an epic battle.