Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Adjuster

Did you think you could travel time, traverse the planes, even jam the void with impunity?  That nothing would be noticed, imbalanced?  Many before you have thought the same.  And then the Adjuster came.

Is there just one?  Is it a race?  None know but that what comes looks like a jellyfish or man-o-war floating, its tentacles flicking over the object of attention while it trills.

And then things happen to them.  Here is a list of possible adjustments, from the trivial to the fatal.  Season to taste.

The idea come from this song by The Octopus Project:

But the more I think about it, the more I think it sounds like this (starting at the 30 second mark):


  1. the Todal "looks like a blob of glup ... makes a sound like rabbits screaming and smells of old unopened rooms ... an agent of the Devil, sent to punish evildoers for having done less evil than they should." It also "moves like monkeys and like shadows" and is the only creature that gleeps.

    What I like about the Todal is it's a deferred threat, like the Hound of Tindalos - you know or suspect it's coming, you have no idea what to do about that, and in the meantime it inspires paranoia. I might use a more threatening adjuster like that.