Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Skeleton Variants

The Fragile - Bones so old a single hit knocks out the spirit holding them together . . . temporarily.  They slowly reassemble.

Chor - The chor seeks only to re-cloak its frame.  The chosen victim first loses flesh, becoming motionless, then blood, losing consciousness, then skin, leaving naught but bones.  There is a chance, if the newly fleshed chor is turned, that the lingering soul of the victim can inhabit the new body.

The Shattered - On sighting a living thing all its bones shoot apart into a floating disc.  Each of these will then skitter along the floor, along walls and ceilings, coalescing around a victim to reform a skeleton and squeeze that victim to death.

Plures - The skeletons of children, hold hands, wrap arms, weave themselves tightly as a wall of bone surrounding their victims.  Some say they will even cross chasms and climb inclines in pursuit, by weaving their mass of bones together.

The Boneless - A limp mass of flesh and hair that looks like a de-boned human.  The first human to touch it will feel their bones called to it as their skeleton starts to rip out of their flesh.  Serious wounds result.

Okay the last one is kind of a stretch-- it's the victims skeleton that's involved-- but, hey, close enough.  I left off stats.  I'd give saves versus the real bad stuff (2,5) do a certain die of damage per round for the others or just treat as normal skeletons otherwise.


  1. Love The Boneless and looking forward to throwing it at a player. It'll be very deadly so I'll need to come up with a decent warning (as if a pile of flesh and hair isn't enough!)... Silhouette is nice too.

  2. Now stat them up! Great monster ideas! :)

  3. My only regret is that I have....Boneitis!-Futurama Yuppie Guy

    The symptoms you describe lead me to diagnose you with Bonus Eruptus, in which the skeleton tries to leap out of the body!-Dr Nick

  4. Yes, these are flat-out terrific, my faves being Chor and the Boneless.

  5. Have you considered adding a "print/pdf" button to your blog?

  6. Thanks all. Sorry Carter, I had it, my design change ate it. It's back.