Monday, September 21, 2009


One of my players and good friends is getting married. This coming weekend there is going to be a bachelor party. Not your traditional bachelor party mind you, drinking beer and playing video games was mentioned. One of the other attendees who has not played with us mentioned D&D. The groom would actually like to game. So I am trying to throw something together in a week, not even sure who will be there and if they all are interested in gaming.

In poetry there is a kind of occasional poem written specifically for a wedding, so I figure why not an adventure? Have you ever written an adventure for a special occasion?

I was thinking about the whole marriage theme and came up with some ideas for an adventure locale:
  • A "bride" offered to something scary and powerful, à la, King Kong
  • A palace or temple devoted to a spouse, à la: The Taj Mahal'
  • A temple of some sort of demon with 666 brides
  • A mating ground of some awesome and dire beasts, perhaps dragons or chimera
  • An alchemical theme, where marriage is metaphorical and various compounds are combined to create something grand à la: philosophers's stone
Maybe my guys can be escorting a bride to her groom, or delivering a gift to an unsavory destination. Thoughts?


  1. the old favorite, rescuing a damsel in distress?

  2. 666 brides

    Holy Crap! That is scary! Somehow you have managed to capture the very essence of the average wedding here.

  3. Didn't LotFP publish just this sort of module recently?

  4. @A Paladin, yep Three Brides, that would probably be appropriate but I don't have it yet. I was sort of more interested if you all had made your own occasional adventures, maybe for a birthday or Halloween or something.

    @Bullete, I'm thinking now there will be many damsels in distress