Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Epithalamium III

More brainstorming:
  • 5 sacrificial women riding 5 snow white, pregnant mules, a sixth goes riderless
  • Inside the ziggurat a lagoon of milk
  • In that lagoon, an island with holy baboons (vicious)
  • Wooden boats carved in the shape of tulips to traverse the milk-lake
  • A hallway of censers -- so many that it is nearly impossible to walk down it without sending them clattering, burning oil splashing everywhere
  • Piles of saffron, which reveal pit-traps
  • Great White (vicious) apes chained to captives who are in turn chained to posts - - catching the attention of the savage beasts will cause them to rip the poor victims in two as they pursue
  • Peacocks! (my grandparents actually owned peacocks -- in a wrecking yard no less-- so I'm quite familiar with the lovely devils-- their cry that sounds like "Help!" the buzz of the male's tail as he displays.) Maybe a giant peacock?
  • Voluptuous women crying to be freed from rattan cages -- succubi ( or maybe just one of them)
  • Caryatid columns hidden amongst the many statues of Mah-Kuss' wives


  1. I love your creativity! Am interested in hearing how this turns out.

  2. @Paladin: What? Again? Too weird.

    This is a great list. I'm already copying and pasting.

  3. Thanks guys. I feel like I've got a lot of pent up creativity because I haven't been able to game or even read blogs/forums in weeks.