Monday, October 19, 2020

Shepherd's Stone

Shepherd's Stone - These simple enchanted stones of various sizes are prized by merchants.  If domesticated animals are allowed to see one and smell it and it is placed on the ground, they will cluster around it.  Even if stolen or driven away by predators, the animals will eventually wander back to the stone.


  1. Haven't been very good about returning your serves lately, although I've enjoyed the other posts. Here's a quick play on the theme of this one and the Vigilant Bullet:

    Blessed Syrinx - This simple-looking musical instrument allows its bearer to roll twice and take the better result when trying to detect potential hidden threats nearby, as well as rendering the bearer immune to sleep effects (and indeed, unable to nod off even on a lazy summer day) - and its music will wake anyone sleeping within earshot, even if the sleep was induced by magic or soporifics. When the right tune is played, its music both soothes and attracts livestock from as far as a mile away.

    On the down side, many people tend to slowly grow to dislike the syrinx's bearer through a combination of jealousy, irritation at being awoken careless piping, and getting their animals mixed with each other through enchanted flock calls. Many who are blessed with such a syrinx find it advisable to move on to greater things far from their home villages, such as adventuring.

  2. I sure don't expect you to comment on every post, but I really appreciate every comment you make! Thank you. I like the idea of tools with consequences- so this could be useful for us now but might cause problems later. "What are we going to do with all these sheep following us?" Also, you got me watching different ancient flute videos on youtube :)