Thursday, January 7, 2016

New York Public Library public domain works

The New York Public Library recently started sharing public domain works in its collection online here.  I read about it here.  Looks like a possible new source for interesting game art.  I worked this up in about an hour:
But the unfortunate thing is they charge you $50 to get the high definition files.  Not a problem for me working with silhouettes, but I thought the colors on the original for this were nice and all you can get is a version with pretty bad jpeg artfacting:
Anyway, thought I would share.  Hope your new year is starting nicely.


  1. Hey! That could keep me from stealing images for my blog! Doubt it, but it could happen. Thanks for sharing! This is a very cool resource that I hadn't previously considered.

  2. My pleasure. Hope you find something cool and useful.