Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Woodcut Portraits

I thought these woodcuts were cool and might be useful to represent npcs.  From this book published in 1633.  I would say that puts them in the public domain but apparently the book scanner claims copyright, so . . . who knows.  I edited them a bit.



  1. Scanner can't claim copyright.

    What if two people scanned the same public domain art piece? And they looked almost identical? Could they try to sue each other? I'd love to see that case in court.

  2. Thanks a bunch for that link. And yeah, the concept seemed absurd to me, but other aspects of our IP system seemed equally weird yet exist (like copyright continuing after the creator is long dead).

  3. Even though it's a scan and edit, there's something about woodcuts that just scream old school D&D to me. Nice! ...and thanks!