Friday, June 20, 2014

Public Domain Dungeon Map Icons

I've been a bit distracted lately with non-blog stuff, but have some public domain icons for your dungeon map.  These are intentionally rough and gritty:

A door

A trap
A secret door
And maybe less generally useful but something I've been looking for for a while, animal tracks:

Bear tracks

Wolf tracks

Mountain Lion, puma, or cougar tracks

And, not an icon, but a canvas to place them all on, public domain graph paper:
Haha, yes I'm laughing at myself, but, again it is more about the gritty, uneven feel I was going for, than just reinventing the wheel.  I've been working on a revision of my Dwarven Outpost Kit dungeon with this as the background and I like it.  I lower the levels on it, first, so it's more grey and unobtrusive, but it gives a more hand-drawn feel to the affair.

That's all for now.  I'll share more as I find them and eventually add all these to the borders and Misc zip file that I have on my public domain art page.


  1. Yes. And in a pinch the door could double as cheese! Now you know why there are so many giant rats around.

    1. Doors all look like cheese to them? LOL

      THANKS and welcome back!