Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Silhouettes LX

It's been a while since I showed you the origin of any silhouettes, so I thought I'd give you another example.

It started with me searching's text section for "ancient warfare."  I was looking for more examples of warrior types which seem generally useful and hard to find.  I stumbled on a text called "Explanatory notice on the display of ancient warfare representing the attack of the Burmese stronghold by the Siamese during their expedition against Tevoy in the year B.E. 2300 (1787 A.D.)."  And it had this cover:
I don't like working with photos.  Their graininess makes them difficult and this one is damaged and poorly scanned too.  But as I mentioned above, good profiles of warriors are hard to come by.  These are extra interesting because they are Southeast Asian.  The figure on the left struck as a good candidate because much of his detail will be retained in profile, including his face.  Also, I try to go for poses where a person is ready, but not in action, because they can be used for more things that way.  That's why I'm not interested in the figure on the right, also because he looks stiffly posed, even though I dig his hat and dual swords ( sometimes figures like these will be useful for parts.  I might give his sword arm to someone else.).

Next I cropped the figure:
And after many little steps of adjusting the color levels and darkening the outline of overly light areas while I listened to a YouTube video, I ended up with this:
Which became this:
And after opening it in Inkscape and tracing the bitmap, I got this image which is what the final svg looks like:
And here are a few others for your time.  A Japanese warrior:

Another wolf:

A hook:

And a Feather:
I was thinking the last two might be useful as icons.  These images are all in the public domain and you can use them any way you wish.

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