Monday, December 30, 2013

NPC Portraits: Wizards!

   There seemed to be some interest in the portraits I posted last time, so I went back to the well.  My first time through, I was skipping anything that looked like it wouldn't fit into my own psuedo-medieval campaign: things like hair dos and uniforms from the 1800s.  But I started thinking, the time a DM might most need npc portraits, for more character-based games like mysteries or Lovecraftian-type adventures, those more modern features wouldn't be a concern.  So, I started grabbing anything that met my other quality standards.  Unfortunately that means there are a lot.  I think I might eventually incorporate these into a zip file.  But in the meantime, while I crop and clean up the new portraits I thought I'd give you a few more that might work pretty well in a psuedo-medieval campaign as spell casters, sages, or seers of some sort:
I leave their specialities, their weaknesses, their secrets to another time . . . or to you.

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