Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Index Page Added

I'm kinda burnt but want to keep posting momentum, so I thought I'd finally do something long overdue, an index of my blog content.  I've had a lot of ideas but they're scattered through years of blogging, at the end of unrelated posts, and often have odd names that make they hard to find and identify.  So, an index.  Some of the ideas are better than others, some I've gotten more experience through play, but revision is for later in a compilation pdf.  This is just a way to find all the original ideas in their flawed forms.

I plan to add at least two other sections, one for DM aids and one for Design ruminations.

I don't like the way adding one static page makes a whole tab bar across the blog, but I figure a link in the sidebar would be easily missed.  And maybe I could add other static pages.  Ideas?

I turned off comments to try and keep the index more indexy.  I'm hoping if people find something new they want to talk about they'll comment on the original post.  I have old comments requiring moderation so I'll see all of them.


  1. Thanks for doing that!

    while there are some crazies that might read through your whole blog, even they might forget where they saw some great idea, and need to use the index.

  2. My pleasure. Heh, yeah, after almost three years of this, I forget stuff I wrote myself. More to come. I think I have some useful charts and articles people may not know about.

  3. If you edit your blog's layout, you can drag the Pages gadget into the sidebar, in which case it will show up as links instead of tabs.

  4. Thanks, Talysman. Yeah I'm just afraid it would get lost with the other links. But then, if I have an index maybe I won't need most of those links there.