Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Word NPCs

A While back I messed around with writing two word monsters to help generate fresh ideas. I think we could do the same for NPCs.

Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to juxtapose two words that will be evocative for a fellow DM.

I've had an unfair head start. Here are a few I came up with:
  1. leprous emperor
  2. epileptic wizard
  3. gilded lich
  4. mute friar
  5. honest gambler
  6. manic ratcatcher
  7. dying saint
  8. hungover inquisitor
  9. stuttering poet
  10. caged academic
  11. narcoleptic gladiator
  12. balancing merchant
  13. clockwork cleric
  14. polyglot beggar
  15. acrobatic dwarves
  16. levitating shepherd
  17. wooden nun
  18. glass knight
  19. senile bishop
  20. child aflame
  21. albino ninja
  22. meticulous ogre
  23. thumb-sized ambassador
  24. emaciated bandit
  25. drunken maiden
  26. depressed pimp
  27. incontinent king
  28. two-headed philosopher
  29. shy preacher
  30. cryptic gossip


  1. Freckled Dwarf
    Miserable Wanderer
    Pagan Engineer
    Foreign Historian
    Misunderstood Executioner

  2. Salacious Guardsman
    Rambunctious Vicar
    Clumsy Assassin
    Tongue-tied Summoner
    Combustible Druid
    Swarthy Elf
    Gibbering Miser
    Asthmatic Ogress
    Camp Paladin
    Insane Geometrist
    Goblin Wannabee
    Jolly Leper
    Flatulent Centaur

  3. Yeehaw! I love it when you all get you mental ponies running.

  4. Here's a table of three-word NPCs that is based on your table, the posts above, and the table over at Quickly, Quietly, Carefully. I've filled in the gaps with some ideas of my own...

  5. Reticulated Kobold

    Nibbling Corse

    Juvenesing Skeleton

    Axiomatic Dragon

    Stargazing Bantling