DM Aids

Random Tables
 More general for spurring improvisation:
   Encounters   [pdf]
   Spell-Like Effects   [pdf]
   Rumor Mad Libs 1 - 2  [pdf]

Help with treasure and objects:
   Weird Treasure Containers  needs a [pdf]
   What's in the Urns? 1 - 2   [pdf]
   Wardian Cases (aka What's in the Bell Jar?)  needs a [pdf]
   Object Qualities   [pdf]
   Potion Traits   [pdf]

Help with creatures and characters:
   Animals to mix and match [pdf]
   Animals to fight in exotic arenas [pdf]
   Hireling Traits   [pdf]
   Faction Spice (aka How do the Different Tribes in the Dungeon Interact)   [pdf]
   Symptoms & Side Effects 1 - 2   [pdf]
   Creepy Combat Commentary (things monsters say when attacking)   [pdf]
   Voices (for your oracles, computer AIs, magic swords & giant robots)   [pdf]
   100 Rare Wonders (you might see in a Fantasy City)   [pdf]
   What are the Monsters Doing? (other than attacking you)  needs a [pdf]
   What You Did While You Were a Werewolf   needs a [pdf]
   The Dreamers are Dreaming . . . (fantastic dreams & their effect upon waking) [pdf]
   Goblin Alchemical Mishaps [pdf]
   or try the Dice Drop Chart:
     note: both of these appear in more beautiful form in Secret Santicore thanks to Jez Gordon.

Wilderness Travel Challenges
An attempt to make the wilderness feel more real and to have different environments feel different from each other.
(coming soon)


One-Page Potions - a single page of rules that tries to serve as a base for potions in your campaign, or for the potions of various groups or regions in it.  [pdf]

The Potion is Actually - takes those standard  potion types and imagines things other than liquids that could cause the same effects.  [pdf]

One-Page Potions for Phone - combines both and adds an icon to help identify it at a small size on phone or tablet. [pdf]


One-Page Drugs - use the 10 simple effects as types of drugs in your campaign, or mix and match to easily create your own.  [pdf]

The Drug is Actually - add variety to the things in your world that tempt and addict your players.  [pdf]

One-Page Drugs for Phone - both bundled with an icon for identification on smaller screens.  [pdf]


One-Page Rings - track the iconic magic rings in your campaign, along with inscriptions and what they're made of.  [pdf]

The Ring is Actually - the powers are the same but they aren't actually rings.  [pdf]

One-Page Rings for Phone - both bundled with an icon for identification on smaller screens.  [pdf]


One-Page Wands of Detection - I never completed the supplementary charts for this.  My lack of experience with wands in play sort of derailed me.  Hopefully more later.  [pdf]

The Wand is Actually - I never did this.  Hopefully I will sometime. 

One-Page Wands of Detection for Phone - Yeah, didn't do this yet either.  


One-Page Disease - I never quite finished this either, but I'll share what I have.  [pdf]

One-Page Symptoms & Side-Effects (part 2) - I suppose the disease chart isn't really one-page if you need this, but here you go.  [pdf]

One-Page Disease for Phone - both bundled with an icon for identification on smaller screens.  [pdf]


My latest character sheet that folds into a little envelope to hold things you've given players.  For Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, and Thief.

Party Gear Record Sheet I made to help players know how many 10' poles they have, how much rope and also record treasure found.

A fillable pdf to give to your magic-using players so they'll know how much Spell Research/Transcriptions cost. More about it here 1 - 2.

A "clock" for rescues, prison breaks and heist-like adventures.  More about using it here 1 - 2 .

A more general clock for keeping track of events in your campaign.  More about it here.  Some possible events to track.

And a record sheet to track multiple clocks at once. More about it here.

Hexagonal Geomorphs for catacombs or make your own.

 Almost forgot about this blank hexagonal geomorph template I made.

Make this modular Dwarven Outpost dungeon with stencils.

 Make pathways with these Mini-Hex stencils.


Coastal Caves  [pdf]

Meant for low level types.  The caves have been used for centuries by various folks, find remnants of those inhabitations.


The Undertavern [pdf]

A whole weird world awaits under your local tavern.  Read some design notes here.